cremation jewellery

“I will cherish this ashes ring as long as I live.”

Barnes and Hicks presents truly beautiful and unique cremation jewellery in sterling silver, 9ct gold and white gold. Choose from a Tribute Ring, Long Pendant, Earrings, Signet Ring, Round Pendant or Cufflinks to keep your loved one closed to you.

The Tribute Ring symbolises eternal love and togetherness. It holds a lifetime of special memories and tells a story that is completely personal to you.

The Tribute Ring has an elegant, timeless design. Hand-cast in pure sterling silver, 9ct gold or white gold in one piece, there are no joins or seams so your ring is strong as well as beautiful. Your own personal message is diamond-point inscribed and touches your hand on the inside of the band. Your ashes ring is made to fit your finger; we will provide a ring sizer in your ordering pack.

The stones are handcrafted individually. Your loved one’s ashes, coloured glass crystals and crystal glass are layered together while molten to create the rough stone. Once cooled, it is cut, polished and toughened before being set in the ring. The stone is more durable than the metal and its beauty will stand the test of time, reflecting the bond you share with your loved one.

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Tribute Ring

cremation jewellery

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cremation jewellery


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